First Aid

A team of paramedics and doctors will be present troughout the entire day at OH MY!. If you need to bring medication to the festival, please ensure you have medical documentation/doctor’s report with you to show at the entrance and in case any medical staff. Make sure you have the original package of your medicines with you.


Zero Tolerance

OH MY! upholds a zero tolerance policy, which means that neither hard drugs nor soft drugs or any kind of weapons are allowed at the festival. We don’t allow (semi) professional video equipment, (semi) professional photocameras with zoomlenses, sound-recording equipment, glass containers, cans, drinks or food from home, flagpoles more than 2 centimeters in diameter and longer than 1.5 meter, umbrellas, parasols, walking sticks (other than crutches), weapons of any kind, laser pens, large aerosol cans (other than deodorant or perfume), stools or chairs. Clothes and/or other (visible) physical appearances, which express an explicit political, social movement or group, are forbidden.

If you are in possession of drugs, you will be denied access to the event and you may be handed over to the authorities. Public use of drugs at the event will result in removal. Please respect these regulations.

You can bring

Make as many pictures and videos as you can with your smartphones and normal digital cameras. Rain capes (these can also be bought at OH MY!), small deodorant, hair spray, perfume cans, chains to your pants or belts, and other jewellery is allowed. There is no official dresscode, but we would appreciate it if you put a little work into your outfit, as this will only contribute to all the party fun!