Eder Vieira was born on October 8 th in 1984 in Sao Nicolau in Cabo Verde. On the age of four he moved to The Netherlands with his mom. At a very young age he discovers that music is in his blood. Eder likes to listen to a wide variety of music and know hitsongs from Andre Hazes to the Wu Tang Clan by heart.

Bollebof, the artist name of this ambitious and at that time young inexperienced music lover, starts to write his own texts and beats on the Internet. Different producers show their interest very quickly, although he choose his own path and still works independently towards his success as a rapper. Bollebof can be seen since many years in different Dutch clubs and has had different big hits. With his own clothing-style and his laidback flow he can put his audience in a trance and with his smooth looks, shake the knees of the ladies.

The rapper has books full of texts and thoughts about so much more than he already has put on tape. His discipline, strong character and clear vision, make him to be a young and pure entertainer. That is why his life motto is: “better to finish late, than fail early”.